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The Role of Technology in College Admissions

I am your quintessential Generation X'er; this means I was born on the cusp of the technological revolution that was the 1980s and 1990s. It means I learned how to type on a typewriter; it means I can still recall the sound of a dot matrix printer; it means I still put two spaces after my periods. Essentially, it means I am uncomfortable every time a new update becomes available on my phone or computer because I know the learning curve that will follow. However, I also understand that technology is the lingua franca of today's world, and in order to survive in this world, I have to know how to communicate within in. So through the learning curve I go...

The importance of technology is especially applicable in the college application process. Any effective college search needs to be conducted on-line; there is simply too much information out there to be gathered in any other way. Of course, nothing can replace an actual visit to a school, but in order to narrow down the vast possibilities, one must first conduct on-line research. Following school selections, one must then apply to the schools. Most college applications are entirely electronic at this point. The common application (which allows one to apply to many schools at the same time) must be done electronically. Furthermore, most correspondences to and from the schools one applies to will be done via email.

Clearly, technology plays a critical role in the world of college applications. And while most of the students applying to college are quite comfortable with technology, school applications are new territory for them. It can also be unsettling for their parents who may struggle with feeling comfortable with some aspects of technology. This is where an Independent Education Counselor can be a resource as they have already navigated their way through the learning curve. Because they are well-versed in the on-line resources, they can easily direct one to the most useful and informative sites. They know how to contact schools for inquiries, they know the process of applying and how to verify that all the information has been successfully submitted. Essentially, they can be the technology tutor for a student and their parent as they go through the college application process.

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