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Podcasts are a great way to get information in your college search.  Not only are they informative, but they are fun to listen to as well!  


The Test Preparation Podcast: This podcast is produced by Danielle Bianche - an Independent Education Counselor. We  recommend this podcast for its short and direct recommendations on how to prepare for the SAT/ACT testing including simple practical tips on what items you should bring with you to the test.



ASCAWAY: We recommend this podcast as it is produced by the American School Counselor Association.  This podcast is more directed at the dialog surrounding the changing educational environment.  while it might not be directly relatable to high school in their college search - it is useful information for anyone involved or interested in the education system.



TED Talks Education:  Who doesn't love Ted Talks?  The concept behind Ted Talks is "Ideas Worth Sharing."  TED is a nonprofit organization devoted to spreading ideas in the form of short (18 minutes or less) talks.  TED Talks cover the gamut of ideas and topics. This link directs you to a collection of all the talks concerning education.  If you are unfamiliar with TED Talks - watch out, they can be addicting.



Garrison Forest School Podcast:  This podcast is produced by Garrison Forest Schools - an independent, all-girl's school, located in Baltimore, Maryland.  The discussions are led by Ann Marie Strauss, Director of College Counseling and Joan Mudge, Senior College Counselor.  The podcasts are short and concise and a great starting point for parents or students who are just beginning their college search and looking for some guidance.

Useful Podcasts

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