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Blogs can be a great resource for parents and students in their school selection process.  They can keep you up-to-date on the ever changing world of college admissions.  



The College Puzzle: Dr. Michael W. Kirst from Stanford University’s School of Education writes this college success blog.  He covers a wide range of topics from college readiness, how to be successful in school, and political reforms that impact education.



Rethinking Admissions: This Wake Forest University blog speaks to students, parents and counselors about the changing face of college admissions. 



College Counseling Culture: A blog generated by Willard Dix, a college admission dean and college counselor who works with adults and organizations who counsel and support first-generation and minority students on the way to college. 



Get Into College Blog: This is a great, practical site, that addresses so many of the questions parents and students face in preparing to apply for college.  Including - senior year, scheduling, planning, application checklists, advise on essay writing, and tips on selecting the right school.



The Admissions Game: This blog is put out by an advocacy group composed of former deans/director of admission, Best College Fit™ produces student-centered college orientation programming that reaches tens of thousands of students, parents and educators annually in the USA and abroad.


Useful Blogs

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