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With few exceptions, standardized tests are a necessary evil of most college applications.  For those that struggle with test anxiety, some standardized test prep may be very beneficial.  Luckily, there are many sites than can help you in your test preparation. They range from free services, to nominal charges, to quite expensive. 


Free Sites: is a great free resource, earning its revenue through sponsorships and licensing. Founded in 1995, Numbers2 "provides personal tutoring, with immediate feedback on every incorrect answer. It automatically adapts to your personal skill level and can even remind you via e-mail of what's best to study next! Each time you log on you'll be taken to your own homepage that tracks how much you've studied, and how well you're doing."  


SparkNotes: you are probably very familiar with SparkNotes already from its study guides.  This site provides study guides and strategies for ACT, SAT, SAT Subject Tests, AP Subject Tests, and the GRE.   It contains useful information on upcoming test dates, background on each test, and advise on how to prepare for it, but it does not offer practice tests.  


Khan Academy: is another free site that offers standardized test prep.  However, beware that you have to create an account and register with them before you are able to access any help.  They offer test prep on multiple tests, i.e. SAT, GMAT, MCAT, etc., but not the ACT.  So if you are planning on taking the ACT, this is not a resource for you.  Khan Academy allows you to download real, full-length practice test.  it also has an interactive medium that allows the viewer to watch someone take the test and work through real problems.


$ Fee Sites:


WorkbooksMuch of what test prep sites offer (including practice tests) can be found in workbooks.  Some are even offered for free on kindle editions, while others can be found for nominal prices.  Before signing up for a costly program, you may want to look into purchasing a workbook first.


Kaplan: is one of the largest, well-known test prep program.  It advertises that 95% of their students get into one or more of their top-choice colleges.  With their on-line courses beginning at $500, Kaplan is definitely targeted for those willing to pay for guidance.  It is a great resource, if you feel it is worth the cost.  


IvyBound:  This is included for comparison against other sites.  IvyBound offers courses that contain 50 hours for ACT Prep and 27 hours for SAT prep, so it definitely offers a lot.  However, fees begin at $650 and can rise to upwards of $1250. 


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