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What Can Pangea Consulting Services do for YOU?

The college application process is an exciting time in any student's life.  However, the process can create a lot of stress and anxiety as well; stress and anxiety the whole family feels.  We can alleviate a lot of that stress by overseeing many of the challenging aspects of the process.

Believe it or not, the college application process can begin as early as 9th or 10th grade.  Many colleges cite GPA and coursework as the main critera in their selection process.  Pangea Consulting Services can guide you in selecting High Schools Courses and extra-curricular acitivities that will make strengthen your application.

High School Course Guidance & Extra Curricular Assessment
ACT/SAT Testing Prep

Most colleges and universities will accept either ACT or SAT test scores.  However, the tests differ slightly in their approach.  Pangea Consulting Services can help you determine which test plays to your strengths and help you prepare to achieve your best possible score.

Finding the "Best Fit" Schools

With over 2000 schools to choose from, the challenge becomes finding the right one for you. Through questionaries and personality assessments, Pangea Consulting Services can help you narrow down the options to schools that best fit your interests and learning styles.

Personal Essay Revisions

The Personal Essay and Mission Statement portion of the application process is your chance to shine. It is your opportunity to share your personality and uniqueness.  Pangea Consulting Services wiil help you determine the best subject to write about, find your voice, and convery your strengths. 


Application Oversight

Once you have narrowed down your school choice options, you are faced with the daunting task of completing all the applications.  Pangea Consulting Services will oversee this process, ensuring all your I's are dotted, and your T's are crossed. Simply knowing someone is managing this process can be a HUGE stress reliever.

Financial Aid Options

With the cost of higher education increasing every year, many individuals need financial assistance. Being aware of scholarships and financial aid options can make the difference of affording the school of your dreams or not. Pangea Consulting Services can help you target the financial aid options that you qualify for.


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