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Nothing can replace visiting an actual campus.  Unfortunately, due to distance and cost, it is not always possible to visit all the schools one may be considering.  Luckily, it is possible to take a virtual tour of many campuses. This will allow you to get a sense of the school and determine if you should follow it up with an on-site visit.  More than 7 million students have used CampusTours to find virtual campus tours and maps.  It provides video tours, photorealistic interactive campus maps, and mobile walking tours.  If it does not have a virtual tour of your particular school selection, it will link you to numerous YouTube videos that will provide the same information. This site has a great virtual reality tour!  It is very personalized and interactive.  However, the universities that are offered are quite limited.  So check to see if your schools of choice are available.  It also offers a nice filtering option if you are still unsure of which schools you are interested in, but know what you are looking for.  provide great comprehensive information on schools, and has interactive 360 pictures of campus's.  It also provides great links to other sites which will provide you with further information.  However, it is a bit impersonal as it offers little interaction with people. is the place you want to go if what you looking for is real student perspectives.  With multiple short interviews of current students on a huge range of topics, one can get an insiders view of a school.  A word of caution though - much of the information covered here is about student life and extracurricular activities.  If you are searching for more content rich information, you will need to look elsewhere.  Provides a comprehensive video showcasing particular school.  Much of the information covered in these videos is the same information you gain form an on-site visit.  Youniversitytv also provides recommended schools for you to consider that align with your particular selection.

Virtual Tours

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